Why are guys so hard to understand?

There's this guy I went to high school with years ago that I really liked but he only liked me for my body but never actually liked me back. He was always quiet and preserved but he had lots of friends. So anyways, a couple years ago we would meet up for hookups and talk and text, send pictures, vibe and etc. He would be ok to talk to but his attitude really gets in the way. Any time there was a very small misunderstanding and I would try to communicate with him about it like an adult he would often play the victim, point the finger at me and block me. This use to happen so many times. He'll block me for a few months and then when I would try to go back and find him after I'd think he was over the bs, I'd hit him up and then he'd be cool again until ANOTHER small misunderstanding. He has blocked me for not responding to his texts the way he thought I should have, for asking him simple questions about our friendship, or just anything small and he would literally still find whatever ridiculous reason of his own to block me. The weird thing, despite blocking me, he loved to keep my photos and even admitted to using them for his personal pleasure purposes. One time he claimed he deleted them and even turned around and asked for more but as I said any time a conversation doesn't go his way or goes against something he disagrees with, he blocks me but then turns around and unblocks me. Part of me really wanted to understand why and try to be friends with him but he's extremely toxic and it's like he purposely makes himself unlikable. What's the deal with that? (Please note it's been a very long time since talking to him, he is blocked and I have a boyfriend and a baby and perfectly happy. This is just out of curiosity)
Why are guys so hard to understand?
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