So I hooked up with this guy, now what?

There is this guy at work and I really fancy him. We started to speak like 2 months ago, our mutual friend gave my name to him. He is clearly interested in me but he is extremely busy of his work so we had like a month or so when we barely spoke. Although we both agreed at the beginning that neither of us want anything serious just now.
But he was still really kind to me at work, always smiling, asking how I was, how was my day etc.
In the last few weeks the thing came to life again. He messaged me and we finally spoke about other stuff, rather than just about sex. It was all nice and I think I caught his attention. He asked me a lot of questions, about me personally, and we could chat for hours.
Last Saturday we finally hooked up and it was all just so freaking good. After sex we were just laying on the bed, touching each other constantly and talking about everything and just laughing a lot, for hours. He was kissing me all over my body, my face too, just so softly and not in the heat of the sex. Later when we were waiting for my taxi, he pulled me closer to him so my head was on his chest, we were holding hands, cuddling, he was caressing my legs, my arm, kissing my cheeks. Before I left, he pulled me closer and kissed me for long for the last time and finally let me go.
My question is: what is it now?
I will ask him tomorrow for sure but I'm afraid of the answer. I just actually want to know if he would like to repeat this. I still don't reall want anything serious but the things worked out so well between us so I could just do this with him, whenever we feel like it. I'm not saying I don't have basic feelings but I think he has some too.
What do you recommend, how should I handle this?
So I hooked up with this guy, now what?
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