Does this sentence offend you: guys and girls are different?

I’m jus asking cos I see a lot of feminists have short hair, it’s like they’re angry at the world that men make them different by giving them long hair, so they protest and shave all the hair off to try and support some cause that “we’re all the same”

this annoys me me and I find it stupid, there are some clear difference between the genders, one has cock, one has bag, one has feminine mind, one has masculine mind,

why are the feminists trying to make everyone’s look the same and have no genitals like some weird gender less aliens and all have same hair length? What good does that do?
its like they think their supporting a good cause by trying to make all genders exactly the same, it’s so dumb lol

you can be different without being sexist,
you can accept there is differences and also respect the other gender at the same time.
Cos there clearly is differences,
is it also sexist for me to say that girls can’t grow beards?
Yes, we’re all the same genitalless alien gender
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23 d
One has vag*
23 d
I think we’re all equal yeah, but to say we’re both the same is just wrong and stupid
Does this sentence offend you: guys and girls are different?
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