Do I just need to give it time?

so my friends Eric, Dan, and I usually hang out or go out on the weekends. They were friends for a long time I’ve only known the for 2 years
I know that when Eric first met me he liked me or at least thought I was cute. he's been with a lot of girls but he really is a sweet guy &always looks out for me during breakups and we talk about life and stuff.
I guess maybe cus of things he’s said in the past like “you’re one of the prettiest girls I know” & knowing he liked me before i wondered if we would ever have the talk. But we never did & I was ok with that.
My on/off again boyfriend of five years just broke up again &I texted eric for comfort. we were talking about sex & he said” if you want sex you shouldn’t go to your ex you should go to a friend” or something. And when I didn’t say anything he texted “I mean I’m a friend & I would be down if you want” & I said thank you but I think it would ruin our friendship. He said no problem just thought I’d offer.
Later, he came over for more support. I was high & we ended up just watching tv And were cuddling and holding hands. I only vaguely remember. A few days later I was high again and dan, Eric & I went for drinks as we normally would but I don’t remember because I was very high & drunk. I remember when dan left, I told Eric I was still sad and I tried to kiss him. He was really mad & told me to go home and I remember that we fought and I threatened to go back to the bar to hook up with a stranger please keep in mind I was very out of it and am also quite mentally unstable
I know I texted him later & asked why he was so mad when he was the one who offered sympathy sex in the first place & he said it wasn’t for sympathy
the next day I profusely apologized &told him the truth about everything including that I was curious about being more than friends & it came out all wrong and also am heartbroken over my ex.
he was mad for a few days and now says he just wants to move on but is still being weird
26 d
I know I screwed up but I just want things to go back to normal. I do kinda still want to talk about us but there never was an us so I guess I’m fine not ever knowing. But I miss texting him and hanging out and now it’s weird.
Also I don’t think he has feelings for me because when I first mentioned the night we were cuddling he said it was “just as a friend. Is that ok?” And I said “yeah but it was nice” and he said “yes”
Do I just need to give it time?
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