Did he change feelings or is just confused?

This guy and I were talking and hanging out and he confessed to me last night and I said yes. Then today I was comforting him in a call cause he felt upset for some reason and he asked if we were official? I said yes? If you want us to be? Then he said he didn't know and didn't want to hurt me etc. And then after talking abd reassuring him, he calmed down a bit and then hung up. Later I asked if we should tell our friends if we were a thing or not. And he said we weren't a thing. I asked if he liked me and all he replied with is "I like you, don't get me wrong " and then I tried to reassure him again then gave him space. But we haven't talked since and I'm just hoping now he is just thinking and not loosing feelings cause i really do like him.
Did he change feelings or is just confused?
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