Why would my guy friend send me mixed signals?

My guy friend said that we’re just friends... but his actions are saying another. We went on a mini friend date where it was just supposed to be lunch that ended up into lunch/dinner and a movie that he suggested. And then while I was intoxicated asking what are we then playing it off as where are we... then he swiped up to comment on something that I had posted where it was me getting dressed and ready and his comment was “I love this❤️“ and it’s just like everybody recently has started to make mentions about us asking if we’re together or dating or involved. While there’s a little history there I just don’t understand why he’s sending mixed signals saying we’re just friends but everybody is picking up that there’s something there between us even strangers. So I’m just curious as for why the mixed signals?
Why would my guy friend send me mixed signals?
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