A dude (who has no life I suppose) is chasing me and my friends online. What should we do?

Well we're from Turkey and he's from India, I was once in international WhatsApp gcs and that dude told us he loves Turkish series he's interested in Turkey and he wanted our help so we said "Well"

Yet he became creepy, he was using Turkish slur words, he was calling us whenever we were unavailable

Like once i argued with my mom and that dude insisted on making a call, begged me to tell him the reason why I argued with my mom. He wants us to have no private life...

Me and all my friends blocked him of course, he texted us from his second number kept calling us, we blocked him again and he texted from an American number apologized and assured us he won't be creepy once again. But he kept doing that, like he was calling me in midnight or when I was in family reunions...

We blocked him till he could text us from no number then he started to text us from his multiple facebook accounts, he texted my friend's ex-boyfriend, asked him why she broke up with her. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY OUR PRIVATE LIVES IS HIS BUSINESS!!! We forgave him too many times and he kept being creepy so we had to block him. He knows our real names because of our Facebook accounts, this is the only thing he knows about us thankfully, I have no pics on my FB account

He texted me with his fake telegram account told me "I'm 🤡s friend (I made up the name) why do u guys hate 🤡?" Even though I knew it was him i explained him everything well, told him "🤡 is being creepy, trying to put his nose in our private lives. And it's creepy when you insist on chatting with someone that doesn't want to chat you" he said oh thanks and texted me from his main telegram account saying "I'm 🤡 you idiot, you thought he was my friend ahahah"

Now he's creating fake FB accounts to text us, I'm tired of blocking all. I'd understand him if he was living in Sealand but he's living in India with 1B people, why is he doing that? This is becoming unbearable. I'd report him to somewhere if we both were in the same country...
A dude (who has no life I suppose) is chasing me and my friends online. What should we do?
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