Feel like I’m on the verge of being ghosted... opinions?

My boyfriend has said to me he is going through a hard time and told me it’s not me and he wanted me to know that but he just needs some time. It’s hard for me to understand but I’m really trying to. We normally talk every day but the last week or so he has been pretty bad with responding and then since he told me that he is retreating I hadn’t heard anything for a couple of days. I messaged him yesterday saying thinking of you and he said he is sorry he has been so bad and let’s go for dinner next week. I said it’s ok I understand and that I’d love that but for him to let me know when he is up for it. He said 100% . Anyway I have woke up this morning feeling like he is just palming me off and that this is the start of our demise. I genuinely feel like I’m not going to hear from him and he is going to ghost me. He has never done anything like that before but this is all new behaviour for him. Obviously I feel pretty shit about it but if that’s what he is going to do then I’ll just have to accept it, I’m preparing myself for the worst though that’s for sure. Hopefully this is just my insecurity
Feel like I’m on the verge of being ghosted... opinions?
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