Guy isn’t making me a priority... move on?

I don’t know if maybe I’m being too sensitive, or what... was hanging out with this guy a lot. Memorial Day, 4th, his birthday even.. I would say the last week or so he has stopped being so attentive to me. Going to events, not inviting me. Going to the beach with his guy friends.. I mentioned SO many times how I wanted to hang at the beach.. told me I should get some girl friends to hang with, he's doing what he can. I haven’t tried to reach out in the last couple day’s but he sent me some DM saying he doesn’t have his phone with him in case I tried to reach him (I didn’t) and he’s going to the beach with the guys for Labor Day weekend. I’m not going to prioritize someone who isn’t treating me the same... maybe that was my mistake. We hang out a lot until lately he’s been hanging with his guy friends.
Guy isn’t making me a priority... move on?
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