Why does society shame men who have given up on women?

A bit of back story, I am 28 years old, still a virgin, no girlfriend my whole life, struggling through college which I take exclusively online.

Anytime I thought a nice woman to consider my own, women would blurt out about some other guy popping into their lives and basically friendzone me hard. But then its a grave crime against humanity for me to put then In the fuckoff zone, I would be labeled gay, shamed for not wanting a woman who chose some other guys over me, and taking into consideration that she is just using me as a backup plan cuckboy.

Am I wrong to just feel this way? Would it be wrong to just swear off women till I die? Cause I find it very hard to trust any woman with my heart, especially given the history I have. Hell some of them come crawling back to me after they get used up for sex and expect me to forgive them for picking some other guy over me, to the fuckoff zone they go.

I would rather be dead than gay so clear your globohomo agendas. But yeah I am looking foward, but yeah it seems like men like me are portrayed as Elliot Rodgers and are treated like subhumans who need to be shamed and mocked for being complete failures or for completely giving up.

Hypothetically, if I were to win the lottery or become super successful then all the women who never wanted me would suddenly come out of the woodwork and tell me its not about the money following the proclamation of being in a relationship with me and immediately start to plot on how to take all that money away from me, its like men can't even win!
Why does society shame men who have given up on women?
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