How should you deal with sexually aggressive young men?

Im actually really shy and get scared easily especially around men as I've had a lot of experiences were i lost trust with them. I used to have a really close male friendship group since childhood till they took my cheating ex boyfriends side in the break up and realised how mean they'd started being too me.

The only men i trust are my boyfriend, my two brothers and my dad.

I've recently started going college part time whilst on a apprenticeship in the army and soon i will start military training, which im really excited for but nervous as i know i will be around males a lot.

Already at college this one boy has been stalking me and I've been stalked a lot through out my teenage years. This guy st college keeps asking me out and i keep telling him "no thank you" and that i have a boyfriend and to please respect that.

He is really good looking so he thinks je can have any girl but his behaviour is a real turn off and i only want my boyfriend and no one else. He got really up in my face this Friday and started being really creepy and making me feel uncomfortable. Im only just under 5ft and this guy was probably over 6ft and he was trying to intimate me by cornering me. I really wanted to cry but didn't want to look like a baby.

Luckily one of the teachers saw and tried to catch up with the guy who just harassed me but he ran off. She took me to the staff room and asked me what happened and made me I explained he tried to touch me and wouldn't let me get away. I don't know what happened after that but i told my boyfriend once he picked me up and he went crazy and wanted to find the guy.

If im going into the military i really need to learn how to handle these situations and be able to trust males but also know how to defend myself from them. My job role won't involve me working on the front line but it's still important. I need to toughen up and be more fearless.
How should you deal with sexually aggressive young men?
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