Can a man please explain what’s going on?

Been talking to a guy for about a month or so now. We been on about 5 or 6 dates.
We have kissed/cuddled and that’s it. I straight up told him “no sex/oral” and even asked if he’s willing to wait, and he said YES. That he was perfectly okay with waiting until we were serious.
So we went on a date yesterday, he took me to dinner. We go back to his house watch our show, cuddle and again just watch Netflix. Everything went super well. I thanked him for the dinner and his time and went home.

But today he hasn’t texted me at all? And this has happened before and I asked him why. He said he doesn’t enjoy texting... but damn? To hear nothing AT ALL for the WHOLE DAY? Not a good morning / how are you / hey sorry I am gonna be busy?

I have already slept over his house and checked his social media’s and there is ZERO sign of another woman. So I don’t think I am a side piece or anything.

So I don’t understand why he like ghosts after we have had a great time? He sweet talks me all night... He says he likes me but doesn’t engage in conversation when I am not physically there.
Can a man please explain what’s going on?
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