Did he lose interest in me or is afraid of being with me?

This guy that i was originally planning to just have a hook up with told me that he liked me and didn't want to just hook up and that he felt a connection with me. I thought that maybe we'll hang out and see where we are emotionally and it was cool. I didn't like him like that at first until we hung out and we ended up hooking up that day anyways and when he dropped me off at home he gave me a hug and told me to text him. The next day we did text but then the day after that there was barely any texting and the next day we didn't text at all. I texted him that night just saying hey and that i hope he had a nice day, and the day after that there is still no reply. I'm just confused.. he says he likes me and now that i've started to develop feelings for him i hear nothing from him.. originally i was gonna have sex with him anyways so what was the point of telling me he liked me if he was going to act this way now.. i don't want to keep texting him and having no replies back.. i'm just disappointed that he told me to like him and when i started to he goes quiet.. what are your thoughts on this? He's been single for a year and i've been single for 2 years. Also he called himself a broken bad boy and called me a pure and inncoent girl so I don't know if that has anything to do with this?
Did he lose interest in me or is afraid of being with me?
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