Does my boyfriend seem like a solid guy?

Met up with old classmate from high school. We've been hanging out and he's mentioned how he's had his heart broken in past relationships. he's also still friends with the same girls and gives them advice and emotional support (which I don't seem to get from him).

He's cool, we hang out, he's supposedly looking for a job now since he quit his and planned on moving to Florida but changed his mind to stay with me. We've only slept together twice but when I come over he's touchy feely even more now.

I've met his family and he met my mom and says hed like to go to the dinner that he was invited over for. The only issue is his clinginess to his female friends and being there for them more than it seems like he is for me. His own brother called him out for disappearing upstairs while I (his girlfriend) is downstairs and am his company. His reply was, he had to take a call and his friend called crying about family issues. Then later asked me for advice but was being really broad about the subject, like he didn't want to tell me her business.

Yet he tells his female friends about me and us and things I say and do from what I've been told. We usually go on "dates" outdoors, hikes, beach, etc. I can't gauge whether I can trust him or if I'm being used. He gets emotional support from his friends but the physical part from me. He also acts like he's fine with me being around guys, and jokes about it. Which I feel like he's saying in order to justify his close 'friendships'. The other day he said talking about other guys was a turn off to him.

Earlier his grandma and mom also mentioned how he told them he met my mother and said "it's official" but when I asked him about it he denied it and said "they're being manipulate"
Does my boyfriend seem like a solid guy?
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