Does my boyfriend’s best friend have feelings for me?

i was at a party with my new boyfriend and got to meet one of his bestest friends. we talked to each other a lot and he mentioned how much i meant to my boyfriend. later on its just my bfs friend and i and he says “wow i understand why (bfs name) loves you so much”. and he was touchy with me. not extreme but it made me debate if it was okay as a best friend. about a week later, his friend adds me on snap to which i tell my boyfriend and he tells me that his friend said “how does (his other friend) have her on snap but not me?” and asked for my snap. the next time i see his friend, he's “joking” that we’re dating in front of my boyfriend, blowing me kisses jokingly and of course i play it off as a best friend messing around. my boyfriend did call him out saying something like “now ur flirting with my girlfriendd”, but who knows if it actually bothered him. he did hit me up once since, and we had a rlly playful conversation
Does my boyfriend’s best friend have feelings for me?
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