Am I overthinking or?

I went on a date with this guy yesterday at 3 PM and on the date we were talking about how we’re both looking for serious relationships, we spent all day together and we ended up going to the strip club and coming back to my place. We ended up having sex in the shower and then we went to bed I later woke up to him telling me he was going to leave and go home and I asked him if he was OK to drive because he lived an hour away and he said yes and I asked him if everything was OK and he said yes he gave me a kiss, I walked him to the door he gave me another kiss and then I told him to drive safe and he left... later when he got home he texted me and said “I had a really good time, it was nice meeting you” & I’ve texted him today and I haven’t heard from him all day.. I don't know what to think & I feel pretty shitty tbh... I’m like 95% sure he liked me? Maybe I was wrong?
Am I overthinking or?
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