Is my boyfriend's best friend in love with me?

I'm in the same class with my boyfriend's best friend (my boyfriend is in a different one). Some things have happened between him and me that could suggest that he more than just likes me. I will now list every "suspicious" event and hope for serious answers.

- We often talk on the phone and most of the time it's not about my boyfriend (longest phone call was about two hours)
- He gives me compliments (about my name, my penmanship, my appearance, ...)
- He touches my hair (sometimes he ruffles it, sometimes he plays with my curls, ...)
- When we sat next to each other our knees touched (he caused it) and we remained like that for about ten minutes
- We seem to have the same sense of humor
- He invited me to his home once (I should explain something to him). My friend came with us, but left after a few minutes. We only talked briefly about the „official“ topic, before he decided to change it and talk about more intimate things.
- I once told him about a song I really like and whilst we were waiting for the bus, he told me that he was currently listening to it (of course it could also be possible that he just liked the song, but he doesn't seem to the guy who likes such music)
- He hugs me (can also have platonic reasons and maybe I'm just imagining it, but these hugs seem very cordial)
Is my boyfriend's best friend in love with me?
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