Men, how would you feel if you're girlfriend got a sugar daddy to support herself?

I don't even consider myself that pretty, im a little bigger than most girls and out there but i still get plenty of offers. Especially from older rich men on nights out.

Im no angel and i know im only 17 but bars are so desperate for customers right now with covid they won't even ask for ID so i have no problem getting into these places. All night i was getting looked at by guys and i don't even consider myself attractive. The last place me and my friends went was this really new, trendy bar and there was 4 very rich middle age men in there drinking and getting all the special treatment whilst in there.

I minded my own business and carried on drinking and messing about with my friends. But this slim, fit, middle aged Asian guy who was with these rich guys wouldn't stop looking at me and even smiled at me. I went up to the bar to order more drinks and he came back in from smoking outside to talk to and asked if i had a boyfriend. I told him yes i do and he said he was a very lucky man. He gave me his number and said i should think about contacting him soon.

I was slightly in shock and didn't understand what was going on but my friends filled me in and told me that i could get him to be my sugar daddy.

Im from Britain and 16 is the legal age. He later followed me out and we spoke more at a different bar. He offered me £600 to go out for dinner with him and put the money out right in front of me. I said "I assumed you expect more than just dinner for that kind of money" he replied "of course but no pressure, just think about it and call me when you've made your mind up".

I assume he has a family as i over heard him talking about buying his daughter a new Nintendo switch over the phone.

I've recently lost my job and I'm in a really awkward place financially, i wouldn't have even gone that bar if my friends wasn't offering to buy my drinks.
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I could really do with the money and I've had sex before im sure i could get past having sex with him, if i didn't feel guilty for already having a boyfriend.

My boyfriend is also very money chasing like myself so i don't know how he'd feel about it. I even mentioned my boyfriend had his own business and this guy who offered me money seemed really interested so i might even help him out from this situation.
Men, how would you feel if you're girlfriend got a sugar daddy to support herself?
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