Does my guy friend like me?

About 3 years ago a guy I didn’t know messaged me through Instagram. He didn’t ever explain why he did message me and he just seemed friendly for so long. He went to a different school than me, we live in the same town though. He’s never admitted to liking me or anything like that, but used to he would get drunk and text me paragraphs through Snapchat about how amazing I am or how beautiful I am this & that. He never once said he liked me though. Someone I talked to at one point thought he liked me and I asked him and he said “no” he’ll wish me a happy birthday on my birthday or he’ll randomly message me every once in a while. I’ve been with my current boyfriend for almost 18 months and he was joking around about him & he asked “what guy do you know that usually just messages you to be friends?” & he’s right most guys don’t message you for that. I never really thought about it until now or why he even messaged me 3 years ago. I’m just curious. What do you think?
Does my guy friend like me?
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