Does a drunk mind speak a sober heart?

me and my ex have been of and on for quite sometime. no matter how hard we try not to talk to one another we always end up giving in. I have so many feelings for him but he confuses the hell outta me. we were drinking with some friends the other week and he was pretty drunk and he was telling me how much he missed me and how he wants me to go to the same college with him. and I made out with this kid while we were broken up and he was asking around to see if we hooked up. I don't know if he knows he said all this to me, or if he even meant it ? do you think the drunk side of him was spilling out the truth or it was just to get with me ?


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  • From experience I'd say that alcohol doesn't affect people in a regular way. Under the influence I've spoken untold truths, but I also expressed instantaneous feelings and spoke lies.

    In your situation it would seem that he still has feelings for you, but that doesn't really mean much. A guy can have feelings for you and truly never wish to act on them. Therefore I'd say that the feelings he spoke of are to some extent true, but the intent isn't clear at all. Alcohol can make a guy really horny, and he maybe was just trying to get you to sleep with him. In any case I'd think the feelings were true but that doesn't mean he would ever want to act on them when he is sober.


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  • Alcohol removes the inhibitions that differentiate us from animals.

    Don't believe what he says when drunk.

    If a drunk says something, you can be sure he said it.

  • "Does a drunk mind speak a sober heart?" Why do girls always try to be poetic and rearrange your house? Thank god for padlocks on tool boxes. If you want to make me happy just celan my floors. Don't rearrange the stuff on them.

    Also: I'm not Doctor Seuss, so why the f*** did our weddings vows rhyme? You're lucky the preist was there I would have walked off. Whoops that was ment for my wife ^.^

  • yeah people say a lot of true things when they are drunk...


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