What does it mean when he says he would fully date me but he doesn't want to rush into things?

My friends with benefits I've been hooking up with for 3years almost and I booked a room in a cheap motel. We went half and half on paying. I got us edibles to enjoy. We had sex and although we had taxi fair home he suggested that we should take a long stroll because he says we never communicate. So we decided to stroll and talked but we were high too of the edibles. It was fun. I never knew how funny and nice of a guy he was it bothered me when we walked he would hold my hand kiss me in public and all that. Even when we was in the hotel room he told me for the first time that he loves me. I was on top busy riding him and he stopped me and said :'would u go on a date with me?' I didn't answer him he then asked me :'Would u date me?' I didn't know what to say but I was quiet and more focused on the sex, pleasure we having so when we switched positions to missionary he was inside me and I got a forehead kiss. Like wth? What was that for? So when we walked he asked me again outside the motel :'Why don't we go on a date? Go to the movies or something?' I said no we shouldn't because we are fuck buddies but he laughed when I said that because we were high. He felt like a friend to me. We joked about men driving past us and he would show me :'Look that guy was looking at your bum' we were looked at a lot while we strolled at some point he started holding my hand and kissed me in public but we are not a couple. He even joked about us living at this house we walked past he joke about us having our own place lol he told 1me for which car his saving and told me he still needs to save a few months then his getting his car. So when we got into the taxi he hold my hand again and brushed my forearm. And told me before I got off :'And you going to give me a kiss before you get off' lol so I got off and he leaned in for a kiss but when I asked him the night on text if he wants to date me he said :'I would date you. I'd fully date you but I don't wanna rush into things'
Does he have feelings for me?
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What does it mean when he says he would fully date me but he doesn't want to rush into things?
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