Does he still like me?

I broke up with this guy in January because he didn’t call me on my birthday. He sent me a lame ass apology after my cousin talked to him. He’s apology was arrogant and he made it seem like he didn’t mind losing me. We need never met and talked but he would send me memes on IG. We linked up one day this summer. We caught up with each other’s life but avoided talking about the reason we broke up. We agreed to be friends. I hit him up twice after that day but I realized he never initiated contact. He was baiting me to chase him so I withdrew. He Would still send me memes and I would reply but never initiated it. Then he resulted to using subliminals to get my attention. I ignored them all. When that didn’t work he got another girl and he started posting pics of them kissing and stuff. I deleted him from my social media and removed him as a follower. I was paying for his phone bill I texted him and told him I won’t be doing it anymore and he said it was okay with him. Is he still playing games or he doesn’t like me anymore?
Does he still like me?
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