At this point, I just need to know why he changed?

so basically, i was talking with this guy since 1 month now and he told me he was in another city to see his family, he just came back last Thursday and texted me he was here and we made plans to meet last Sunday, however, when i texted him on Sunday he told me he've got to bail he has something to do. i replied he should have told me earlier that day. he ignored my message, yesterday i texted him i say hello he replied what's up and i said I said. “Actually, i just wanted to know if you’re still interested to meet or not
He said he’s still down but he’s busy
I replied Actually, You’re not showing any interest, and the fact that I had to text you last time to know that our plan was canceled actually annoyed me. Be upfront it’s always better... so by saying that I think we should stop and move on. I don’t want to be breadcrumb
And he said Okay fair. Let’s move on. It’s all on me. Sorry for all this. Let me know if you try French fries and ice cream tho.
I just think he found someone else because this kind of behavior i don't understand. i like him and I'm devasted
At this point, I just need to know why he changed?
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