I just don’t get it lol?

why do guys come up with EXTREME excuses to not see you instead of telling you straight up they’re not interested? this soldier that i was very interested seemed like the nicest guy ever: very sweet and caring, cuddly too! Well shortly, after meeting up a few times and a hookup I haven’t heard from him since. He doesn’t have me blocked on snapchat or on his phone but the 2 times that I have called after last hearing from him, He said I couldn’t see him cause he’s going somewhere or cause he’s dealing drugs (yes, he actually said that like if i’m an idiot that would believe him) honestly I’m so close to blocking him myself... opinions? I just feel like asking him one last time what he wants and telling him myself that if he’s going to just make excuses like that to not see me, just go ahead and block me because i thought we had something 😔 i don’t want to waste my time
I just don’t get it lol?
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