What am I doing wrong?

Last week I was asked on a date by someone I had been speaking with online, I thought we seemed to get along so said yes.

Friday came and it seemed everything was going wrong, he was running late to the point that he took it upon himself to share he live location with me as he was travelling back to our home town from working away. Eventually it reached the point where he called me all flustered and asked if we could meet the next morning for a breakfast date instead, obviously I agreed as the postponing was out of both of our control.

Saturday morning came and me being me I arrived in town early went for a coffee in Nero to calm my nerves before heading over to our agreed meeting place. Anyway the time went by and he was a no show, he had even gone to the extent of disabling his dating profile and FB messenger.

Now a week has passed and I am still none the wiser and once again left wondering what it is about me that makes men see me as a disposable option that doesn't require an explanation, my ex of nine years did exactly that left without a word whenever his eye was caught by another women and the only other guy I've shown any interest in in the four years I've been single also went ghost without a second thought occasionally reappearing just ghost again.

So back to the initial question what am I doing wrong? Why do I seem to be a magnet for men that don't seem to acknowledge that I am a human with feelings too? Why am I so easy to just disregard?
What am I doing wrong?
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