Why does he not mention his girlfriend even when talking about his personal life?

I will elaborate, there is a Honduran guy at my work. He a transfer from another store only here for about six to eight weeks before he leaves. He is very kind and easy to talk to. I have noticed him giving me glances and heard him asking other coworkers about my race (I'm am mulatto but he does not know) we have started talking and getting to know each other this week. We have talked about where he is from, what there is to do in the city he is from (he lives an hour away), what he likes to do in his free time. We have a lot in common and like a lot of the same things. I talked to him about how I love scary movies and he brought up how he lives in a house by himself so he doesn't watch them often. He has even talked about drinking underage in bars (he is 21 and I am 23) I told him I had never had tequila and he made a comment about having to take me out to try it. He has said other things and given body language that he might be interested ( he ALWAYS holds eye contact when we talk) our job is very physical and I am only 5'1, he is apparently impressed by my skills but has only told other people that. I eventually got fed up with not knowing and asked another transfer from his building if he had a girlfriend and she said he does and that she's seen her with him. He has not said anything or even MENTIONED having a girlfriend in any way so I was very surprised. Why would he not mention her when he is VERY open about his personal life and other things? I am also in a toxic relationship currently and he knows this.
Why does he not mention his girlfriend even when talking about his personal life?
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