Guys, Why does he talk to me so much?

I recently became friends with this guy through a gc with some mutuals. We have something in common that no one else’s understands so we talk on private dm about it.
Everyone in gc always felt like he was always trying to brag or show off. He goes into details about things especially if there’s money or numbers involved and always seems to have the last word in everything.
Everyone lowkey relies on me to keep him “entertained” and I don’t really mind bc he still is our friend but..
Lately, I’ve been so annoyed with him. Although I do enjoy listening to what he has to say and he can be funny sometimes but he’s so difficult to talk to. He talks really dryly and he responds really rudely to me all the time. Never talks to me unless he needs help with something or wants to update me on whatever he is doing, which is every single day. I’m not comfortable talking to him at all.
I don’t think he’s ever showed any interest towards my life and there’s only a few times he has been nice. I honestly don’t understand why he bothers with me.
are guys usually like this? I’ve never been friends with a guy before, maybe this is how guys express themselves?
Guys, Why does he talk to me so much?
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