Guys, Do friends with benefits buy gifts for one another?

My friends with benefits I have been casually seeing and sleeping with wants to buy me a gift. I always declined it because I felt like it would screw up what we got. We are friends, he text me every single day asking me if I'm okay or how my day was. He makes me happy though. My birthday was in August and he made it sweet by sending me wishes and since then he said his gonna get me a gift and I usually would decline it because we not dating. So about a week ago I saw him we booked a room had sex and we traveled together and he was sweet and he kissed me and said :'Im still gonna get you the gift Neh?' I said no. And he today he said again :'Im gonna get you the gift a late birthday gift I don't care what you say or if you against it. So just hush and accept it's lol so I said okay then I'll take it as a friendly gift. However we don't date and probably never will but he wants to do sweet things and makes me feel special.

And when we were in public traveling together , he'd hold my hand ask for a kiss and be sweet. He felt like boyfriend but his just a friend I have sex with. And oh the sex is amaaaaaaazzzzinnng.
Guys, Do friends with benefits buy gifts for one another?
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