Guys, have we failed women in general?

I have 2 female cousins that have failed in life. One is an eternal 7, the other is a single mother. Both have walked the same path and same bad choices. The sad thing is, they could have won early in life. My cousin who is an eternal 7, had a proposition from an older man when she was 19 years old and she denied it. She denied the opportunity to win early in life. Get married to a man who has the resources, and have kids at her fertile age (18-24). Now she’s 37 years old, she still looks good for her age hence the title Eternal 7 lol, makes $200k a year, cannot find a man willing to wife her up (she basically put herself outside of the market), and she cannot get her head around the fact that she is unable to have kids. 3 doctors, had to literally sit her down and explain to her that she missed her fertile years of 18-24 and it’s too late to have kids. I think this is the fate for millions of girls and they don’t know it.

My grandmother’s last thoughts before she passed away was of my grandfather. They were happily married for 50+ years. We are all going to die someday, but I really feel sad for the girls that could have won, but didn’t choose to win. No authentic happy memories for them, to carry to the next life.

What are your thoughts guys? What happened to monogamy?
Guys, have we failed women in general?
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