Why do older guys try to hit on me?

I feel like I’m a target to them. Like I’m sorry you can’t get women of your old age to be your girlfriend or to have sex with. It’s because your weird or have issues. But why would someone younger and be stupid to want to talk to them. Like I simply ignore them I don’t know how old they are I’m in college and they are not. They graduated I think it’s a red flag. I know they don’t know how old I am only if they ask. But it’s usually obvious when looking at someone you can tell. I just get uncomfortable bc my older brother is there age and I just imagine how it would be dating one of his friends how weird it would be. These couple of guys in there 20’s were hitting on me and my friends different places we went to. We were not wanting the attention they just came up to us we were minding our own business. They were like asking us for our number and Instagram and talking about getting together. I’m was like that’s a red flag let’s go. I don’t trust people and I’m not giving weirdos apart of my life like insta. Instagram only a select few people can fellow me I’m on private and I like that haha.
Why do older guys try to hit on me?
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