Does my guy friend like me or her?

With me:
-he's touchy (grabs arm, grazes arm, puts his palm on my hand, put his hand on my thigh for a few minutes then moved it back, etc)
-recently put his arm around me during a movie for a bit then moved it away
-responds to my texts right away
-hangs out with me 7 hours usually
-complimented me on my toe nail polish, shoes, socks so far lmao
-is more respectful with me I feel, and he says my name more often in person and in text (instead of saying "you" or "her")

With my friend:
-NOT touchy with her
- more flirty/playful with her with his language and actions
-doesn't reply to all of her texts right away (she's showed me)
- hangs out with her but 2-3 hours
-asked to take her out to dinner recently (which he's never done with me...)
- complimented her on her outfit once

also she has a boyfriend and is a different religion and he knows that. She rejected him on the dinner offer as well.
1 y
he's a virgin so he's not looking for sex bc he's not allowed to until marriage. Also i've been hanging out with him for 3 months now. those 2 (guy and my friend) have been friends for longer
1 y
Does my guy friend like me or her?
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