Why I am giving up on men?

You think someone would choose me over J Lo or Shakira? no. have you seen the outrage of women when they performed at the halftime show this year? lol their husbands were gawking. its amusing as fuck the lies they tell you.
And they wonder why women get upset. 😂 Dont lie to me I already know the answer. Funny how you think someone would Oh by the way you know why men follow half naked chicks online is because they aren't satisfied with you right? yeah. Men ain't shit.

You realize that if every man had a shot with a hot girl he wouldn't even look at you. Let that sink it. Women aren't innocent either, I never claimed they were. cause they are hot that's why. They comment "well I mean they are shakira and j lo" oh cool. you unloyal cuck. Men do this all the time, to half naked chicks, celebs, hot girls on the streets no matter if they are taken or not they catcall, flirt and want these girls. You gotta be crazy if a man would choose me over them because they wouldn't lol. The only reason is because they think they would cheat or they couldnt score them. the way men stare and gawk at women is disgusting. I'm never good enough? Why?
Why I am giving up on men?
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