He's into me or I'm imagining things?

Guys I need your help. There's a guy in my salsa's class and everytime he dances with me he's super gentle and always try to get really close to me. I also notice that his hands shakes when he dance with me and I know for sure that with the other girls he doesn't because I asked my friend if it was the same with her and she saids no. I have catched him staring at me many times and he's always really staring at my cleavage. The thing is that he's really shy, never talks to anyone and the two times he said something to me, he spoke so low that I couldn't hear it. I really have a crush on him, but I don't think he's the kinda of guy who makes the first approach, so I toke the initiative to follow him on Instagram (he has a public account) but it has been almost 24 hours and he didn't follow me back. I'm so confused rigth now. I don't know if I misread it the "signals" or he didn't saw I followed him, since he doesn't have a private account, I will never know but now I don't know if I should unfollowing him. What do you think?
He's into me or I'm imagining things?
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