Strange and Awkward Af?

So basically I recently had a birthday! Great right! Yes it was lots of family time and we brought the tequila bottles. But at the end of the night maybe around 3am shit went down. My cousin’s boyfriend/wannabe husband let’s call him T, who I get along with very well as well as with his kids which I love very much. I also love my cousin, S, so much too. So anyways story is... at 3 am I was talking to T in the basement area/ backyard area of my uncles house when he said come with me upstairs. Since his son was upstairs I went thinking again innocent bc it was my bday and I was very much in the vibes of loving family time together so I was happy. But then he brings me to the lobby area next to the front door and tries to kiss me. I naturally pulled away so he didn’t get to kiss me and went downstairs to my friend. I was shaking in shock. Then S came to me and my friend and we started to talk about other things and I noticed that T was lurking in the shadows watching me talk to my cousin. I guess he thought I would say something. Anyways now days after the party I’m going crazy thinking this happened to me. I know it’s not my fault. I don’t know Now if I should tell my cousin or not. I really want to because it was wrong and because of Girl code. I feel bad honestly for his littlest kid because he is attached to my cousin. What do you think I should do?
Strange and Awkward Af?
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