Help? Why don't guys pursue me?

Here's the thing: I feel very lonely and want a relationship. I never got attention from guys which I never understand why. I am not bragging but all my life I've been told I'm very attractive by family, friends and even strangers. I always get stared by guys in school, public places etc but never approached. I tried initiating texting with guys I liked and they responded well and complimented me and we had good conversations but they didn't put in any effort or even try to initiate conversation with me. I was putting in all the effort, texting first and asking them out as they never mentioned it. And nobody directly ever asked me out. I don't know what I should do? I don't know why it only happens with me when all my friends have had tons of guys chasing them.
Help? Why dont guys pursue me?
Help? Why don't guys pursue me?
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