Is this guy going to “come back”?

I had an affair with a guy for 5 months. I found out towards the end they were engaged. I was already feeling guilty for what I’d done, so I knew the right thing to do was to tell her before they got married. I also knew this would end our affair, we’d been arguing a lot anyways so I figured now was the best time. I told her and she blamed it all on me and blocked me. From what I’ve seen on other social medias they’re still together and engaged, nothing really came from it other than her blocking me. He and I work together and I don’t think he plans on quitting so I have to see him there. we’ve not talked since and we avoid each other. I’ve been getting a call from the same number every day for Like 5 days, and when I answer they just don’t say anything. I told a friend and she said it’s probably either him or the girlfriend fucking with me and if it isn’t, she guarantees he’ll be back. She says they always come and as soon as he and his girlfriend argue or hit a rough patch he’ll be back to me. But I don't know If I see that happening considering the circumstances of how things ended between us. I’m a little bit nervous he will because I’m stubborn enough that I will never talk to him again but if he talks to me I’m not going to be able to tell him not to talk to me.
Is this guy going to “come back”?
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