Was my text message really that terrible?

My boyfriend is mad at me over this conversation.
Here is a copy of our text messages:
Me: "Do you want my lunch? I didn't care for it.
Him "ok"
Me: "You can get it whenever. I'll put it in my work fridge"

(3 hours later)
Me: "Do you want that then or do you want me to get rid of it?"

(2 hours later)
Him: "I will take it but u said whenever so..."
Me: "I was asking because its garbage night at the office. You can take it out of the garbage can if you want..."
Me: You said you would have sex with me today?"
Him: after your comment about eating out of the trash. . . no way"
Me:"I was kidding. I waited all day for you to get it..."
Him: "whatever. i was working"
Me: i'm sorry; I really was kidding. 🙁 can i bring it and then we can mess around?"
Me: "What are you mad about?"
Him: "nothing. your stupid comment comes with consequences. this isn't the first time you say shit to me. i'm not putting up with it. grow up"
Was my text message really that terrible?
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