He does not love me anymore , or he never did?

We've been seeing each other for 3 years. One year ago he started asking me every time when we are together "Are you in love with me?" Every time I say no, but he asks me again next time. Since then, he talks how he wants to have a girlfriend, to be in a serious relationship.
Once he told me "If I weren't in love with you", I didn't say anything so he said "If you weren't dear to me, I wouldn't tolerate you." But one year ago he said that he loves me when he was drunk but I didn't say anything.
Lately he has been asking me directly to be his girlfriend. I said I am not sure. After that he asked me "Do you love me?" I said yes. He was suspicious. But he said that he loves me too, that I am his love. Next time when we were together he asked me do I want to get pregnant, to be his wife, he asked me several times "Do you want to be my wife?" I didn't said anything. He asked me do I want a child and I said that I am not ready. He said that he will move to another city, he asked me "Will it be difficult for you?" I laugh. And he said "You don't care about me." He has been colder towards me ever since.
Last time when we were together he was cold. He said that he has potential girlfriend. I asked him why he said that he loves me if he wants to be with other girl. He said "You are not serious (serious about him), you do not call me often, I love you like as a person". In the car I asked him to delete our messages, he got angry and said "If you don't want to see me anymore, I don't care."Later I sent him a message "Be with that girl, if she is dearer to you, I won't call you to see you again." He didn't answer me.
It happened before, when he was angry with me, he would be cold, he talked about other girls to make me jelaous, but we would heard and things would be better even then before.
Where did that change come from? He doesn't love me? Or did he said all this to hurt me?
He does not love me anymore , or he never did?
1 y
Yesteday he posted on instagram story song. "where are you Lucrecia, to calm my heart".
He does not love me anymore , or he never did?
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