Guys, I've been blocked, is he likely to unblock me?

my ex of 12 years ago (broke up on good terms) got back in touch, we have been constantly messaging and all was good. He suddenly started pulling away and said he wasn't doing well mentally but didn't tell me why so I thought it was something I had done wrong but it really wasn't. He said a family member was ill but It took ages for him to tell me, in the meantime I was upset and told him i didn't know what I had done wrong etc, he said its not about you, got annoyed with me and eventually said it was his mother who was seriously ill and then blocked me. Im gutted, he's obviously not in a good place. Will he come back eventually? I can't contact him on whatsapp or Facebook and I don't know if he has blocked me on the phone to and im too scared to call him incase it makes things worse. I miss him.
24 d
He has now unblocked me on Whatsapp but not said anything. Why has he done that? He's a 50 year old guy, not some kid playing games.
23 d
Guys, I've been blocked, is he likely to unblock me?
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