The hell is going on here?

I have been talking to this guy since March. We stopped talking a few times. I got scared of getting attached and hurt again. I don't know why he did tho. He always came back even after I told him I want more than just friends with benefits. We both have history of being in an abusive relationship and have severe trust issues.
We met in person September due to Covid sending him back home. First time we had sex, he left right after, which is normal. Then the second time he stays the night, cuddles with me, asks me what I want from him when he knows I want more. He leaves in the morning but says bye and kissed me on the FOREHEAD. He comes over last night at 3am, waking me up, and passed out. He wasn't drunk or anything. I can always tell when someone is high or drunk. He walked 30 minutes to my place and just fell asleep. He lays on me and would not let me go. He was a bed hog and stole my whole bed. I was against the wall. He runs out in the morning says "see you later" but forgets his water bottle. I had to shower for work so I couldn't run out to him to give it to him. He said he would get it another time. I don't know how I feel about him anymore, because he's confusing me. He does these things but then ignores me and leaves me on read all day. I don't know. I want more from him. Him to not just say I can come over but I don't know when, then after a girl gets ready he says he can't. I'm starting giving up hope but I don't know what he wants from me. He's confusing me when he's here and when he's not. He isn't ducking anyone else, he says which I don't know if he's lying. What is going on here. Help.
The hell is going on here?
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