Is he interested in me? sees me as just a friend? or playing games?

basically I texted my guy friend if he wanted to hang out and he said he was busy. later my friend (girl) texted him about his plans and he said he was free in the evening. that's when he texted me as well saying he was free in the evening (so I guess all 3 of us could hang). but then my friend texted him saying her plans changed and he told her that he didn't want to hang out with me... he wanted to hang with her. so... my friend (girl) said that was rude and that you should talk to sam (me) about it. He texted me to hang but I declined... then the next day randomly showed up to my house unannounced to apologize. he waited for 20 min before I opened the door and then gave his 5 minute apology speech, then left... but I mean.. WTF... what does that mean? he likes me more than a friend, sees me just as a friend, or he just wants to save face? (he's shown signs of interest by the way and I like him as well... which is why I'm confused)

He's never dated before.
1 y
he's shown signs of interest with me. he has hung out with me 7 hrs at a time... shares everything about himself to me, asks me questions, touchy, and last time we hung out we watched a movie and he put his arm around me for a few minutes
Is he interested in me? sees me as just a friend? or playing games?
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