Am I in the friendzone?

After 10 months of be single, I met this man, almost 2 months ago, who I literally adore in every aspect. He's very outgoing, sweet, super humorous and just amazingly smart. He is definitely someone I could see myself being with for a very long time, he's definitely what I would call husband material for me.

He is a bit older than me, I'm 20 and he's 27 next weekend. He's currently in residency in med school so he is always on call and has a crazy schedule. In which, I totally get and respect. (Another reason why I find him so fascinating, he's just amazing.)

We text each other everyday and snap (currently holding a 47 day streak), he calls me quite often too when he can. Since I've met him, we have been on 4 dates. Every date has been a very good time. He is always slightly teasing me and always laughing at dumb things I say. He tells me he really enjoys seeing me and continues to make future plans with me.. but he has never once shown me any kind of physical affection/indication that he likes me, except odd side hugs when we go our separate ways. But has shown every other normal sign. (Like, asking me out, daily contact, laughing..)

For me, it's unusual. Most guys would have kissed me by then. But, why hasn't this guy done anything yet? Am I in the friendzone? Is it because he's older? and he's trying to look for a wife material? So many things running through my head. I don't know what to do.
Am I in the friendzone?
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