Why won’t he leave me alone?

I ended things with my friends with benefits for the last 2yrs because during our final encounter his penis didn’t smell good even though i washed it for him i was just too turnt off to even proceed so i asked him to leave. i told him this was the last time i wanted to see him his body language stated he was upset but he just said cool. The following day i saw him and walked passed him he said “funny girl oh really” but i kept walking so now it’s been over a month and we haven’t followed each other on ig in over 2yrs. I deleted his number and haven’t contacted him since! So recently i seen that he liked my picture and he sent me a dm saying he’s coming to see me this weekend. ( a little back story he’s giving me a std i also got pregnant and terminated it which he got upset about and its only cause I didn’t really know where I stood with him and I never understood the love games he played, adoring one day and remote the next. I’m just over it why won’t he leave me alone. No man has ever made me feel more wanted and more rejected. I'm exhausted clearly he thinks im a game.
Why won’t he leave me alone?
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