Did I screw up somehow? Or am I supposed to reach out to him?

What would you make of this guy's action? I went on a really good first date where we had dinner and then he suggested we get drinks after. We talked about deeper subjects like insecurities and opened up more about who we are. I was a bit nervous and I think I might have come off as reserved cause he kept wanting to get close respectfully but I wasn't there yet although I was comfortable enough to open up to him. I get that he's kinda reserved, didn't really try to make physical touches on me besides a knee brush. He kept leaning in while talking to me and could't stop touching his face (body language signs lol)

We went out separate ways and about 20 minutes after, I got a text from him saying he enjoyed his evening, and didn't think we'd cover these deeper topics on a first date but he felt like we opened more and that he likes what he sees so far (with a cheesy grin emoji, and a smiley face). I was feeling really good about it that he followed up on the night of. And I replied back saying that I'm glad we did this and said I hope he isn't staying up too late tonight (he works long hours)

I haven't heard back from him since. It happened on Monday night and it's now Thursday evening where I'm at. Almost 3 days - should I move on?

Or am I supposed to text him?
He's still interested - wait it out
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He's moved on - don't count on it
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Did I screw up somehow? Or am I supposed to reach out to him?
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