He lied to me that he’s single?

This guy I was talking to for one year had a girlfriend since we started talking. He wanted to take me out and really wanted to see me he kept on telling me to visit him and we don’t live close. He said that he’s very attracted to me. I asked him so many times “are u talking to anyone else.” He’ll always be like “nah I’m single xx.” He said things to me like how there’s something about me. So I visited once he took me on a date and the whole time couldn’t stop staring at me and he kept on touching my hair and hands saying I smell good and how pretty I am. He took me to dinner and payed. Then we got back in his car and he asked if he can kiss me. We did have sex that night as the the sexual tension was really high and we use to sext a lot he did always say how he wishes I lived closer so we can meet more. So he went a bit distant with me when I went home again started ignoring me and stuff. I then I said I’m gonna come down again to see my cousin there and he was keen on seeing me again and staying with me this time. We saw each other again got on well had sex and he went cold again so I called him out and he unfollowed me on everything next thing I know he has a girlfriend why didn’t he tell me this and why did he lie about being single? I feel so betrayed and hurt. I told his girlfriend about him and she wasn’t the nicest. It’s just confusing cause even after sex he use to be affectionate with me like kiss me and hug me before he left. Do u guys think if it wasn’t long distance he’d continue seeing me?
1 y
Also he’ll say things to me like how I do something to me and he can’t help himself with me. When we are together he’s always finds a way of touching me. It’s just sad because I had no idea about the girlfriend or I would of never let him touch me or see him. He took me out on a date and kissed my hands. It’s funny how he never posted anything with his girlfriend it’s like he hides her and then his girlfriend is always posting him on everything about how much she adores him.
He lied to me that he’s single?
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