Will he call me to see me?

(This is another guy) I was with this guy a year ago. We was together but we had a fight and now we are chatting.
We were supposed to see each other today, I asked him if we would see and he said "I'm sick. I'll see you in a day or two when I feel better." I wrote ok. He sent me "I'll call you." Do you think he is really sick? And will he call me?
Later he posted a song on insta story something like "As you are, so will I be, I wish you all the best fake girl." But he deleted after 10min. So I didn't see.
Maybe he doesn't want to see me?
11 mo
I was with him one year ago, lately we are seeing each other but we had a fight. And now we are talking.
Will he call me to see me?
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