Is this guy a narcissist?

He got mad at me about four weeks ago over a statement I mad. I kept trying to apologize as he ignored me for a few days but we eventually started talking again two weeks later.
I was always mushy a flirty when we talked but he kept insisting we take baby steps. He admitted he was still mad but got mad every time I wanted to talk about. Threatened to block me but then said I could talk as long as I stopped being aggressive.
I have felt like he has played all these games. He insists he is not mad and want to talk to me but he’s not really talking to me. I’m initiating all the conversations. I feel like I’m jumping throu hoops. He’s not as warm as he used to be. He makes me feel like I can’t do anything right since we started talking. Every time I bring up these things he turns everything around on me. He says I’m to flirty, I try to hard, and it’s one thing after another. I ask if I should quit talking to him. He says no all good.
I finally blew up today and told him I was done with his games and never wanted to talk to him again. Since we started talking again he’s treated me like crap... Could he be a narcissist?
Sounds like a narcissist
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Is this guy a narcissist?
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