Do guys hate it when a girl is better than them?

So, in a competition at my college, a guy (who is an arrogant guy and who knew 101% that I am better than him and will do better than him) and his buddies decided to ruin my work (no guy supported me, only my three friends did, they are all girls).

The judges occasionally came in and observed our work. We weren't working at the same time, it was my turn first, and then the arrogant guy's turn. After my turn, when I was walking in the halls, I came across the judges and was praised a lot for my work.

When the results were declared, I had got the 2nd rank and the arrogant guy got the 1st rank!!!

My friends, who also saw him working said that he didn't work, he only worked when the judges came to observe! Basically, he cheated and outperformed me!
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Most girls are saying yes, most guys are saying no.
Do guys hate it when a girl is better than them?
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