Is he flirting?

So I'm a cashier at a grocery store. Me and him have been talking a lot recently. I think I like him. I know dating coworkers can be a mess and i'm not even sure if i'd date one either. But, I'm not sure if he's been flirting with me. So he always initiates conversation with me no matter what it is. He's made a few sexual innuendos. He's been telling me that i look nice every time he sees me and mind you we all have uniforms. even yesterday he asked me if i did my lashes and i said yes and he said they look good. It was very hot in the store and so i said i was hot and he was like yeah you are. We're always looking at each other and making silly faces. He also always comes to help me and i don't have to ask, he's kind of somehow always around. He's always teasing me like the other day I was looking at this little sudoku book and he walked up next to me and said " You know it would probably be more interesting if the book had actual words" which the book didn't because it was sudoku lol. I'm not sure if he's flirting or he's just being friendly. Anyways help please! thank you.
Is he flirting?
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