He was talking to me for a year and lied about his girlfriend why?

When me and this guy first started talking he immediately lied about not having a girlfriend abd was flirting with me and said how he wishes things were different like how I was closer to him. We’ve met couple of times and had sex as we can keep our hands off each other. He took me on a date while having a girlfriend and couldn’t keep his hands and eyes off me. However he did say how cannot do long distance as it never works. I asked so many time are u talking to anyone he’d always say “nah I’m single.” After meeting him again he was so into the sex and I can tell how bad he wanted me he said he’ll see me again while I’m in his home town for 2 days but the next day he said he got caught up at work and come after so after I heard nothing from him because the last thing he said is he finished and going home to take a shower and he never came or texted me. So in the morning I had a go at him for doing this to me I double texted him how much he hurt me. He then deleted me on everything. I’m gutted after everything and one year of talking and hiding his girlfriend he does this to me. At the end I found out he had a girlfriend all along. I’m so ashamed and gutted. And he use to always tell me how he wishes I lived closer. I’m not saying I will be with him but if I lived closer do u guys think he’d be with me?
He was talking to me for a year and lied about his girlfriend why?
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